Viagrum Dazzleford

Human Mage


House Dazzleford was a moderately successful mercantile house based in Sarthel who dealt in wines and liquors which expanded into the ownership of several taverns and brothels. The Insolent Minx was the most successful of those and is a popular local spot. Viagrus grew up in a life of relative privilege, taking full advantage of his family’s assets. His intelligence and quick wit were always very popular with the ladies which made him very unpopular with many of his male counterparts. He was often the instigator of many bar fights, but rarely participated in them, usually “convincing” others to defend him or that they had been affronted in some way. There were a few choice friends that took note of this and reveled in watching and participating when Viagrus started an argument or began taunting the escort of a lady that had drawn his attention. While he may not have thrown a punch in the fights, his friends quickly recognized the mastery that he showed in controlling the situations….and the nature of that mastery. The only interest that Viagrus had ever shown in anything other than wine, women, and general debauchery, was magic. His family employed several Magi who each had their own respective areas of expertise. Viagrus took to Enchantments and Charms like an otyugh to a trash heap. He never missed a lesson with his teacher, Master Enchanter Kimmelford Dunderwine, and hungrily devoured every lesson, spell and cantrip. He also recognized the need for some magic with a more….uh….direct effect, and chose fire magic for those primarily for the fear and awe that it often inspired. Fear and awe, you see, are also controlling by their nature.

Viagrus has only one need that consumes him. More control and more POWER. He is patient in this pursuit but will sacrifice anything to achieve his results. His money, wits, and natural aptitude have carried him to this point. He is looking for ways to expand his, and by extension, his family’s influence and control. Expanding his family’s holdings is far from his ultimate goal, which truly lies in being a controlling influence in the Realms, masterfully moving pieces around the board to achieve his goals.

Three things will always get a reaction from Viagrus…an insult to his power/ability, an insult to his family or lineage, or an insult to a “lady”. Any will start a chain of events will result in a beating for the instigator, though typically not at the hands of Viagrus….but at his behest.

Viagrus has a deep seeded fear of filth. This makes him appear pompous in some respects, but he truly believes that cleanliness is a virtue without which he would shrivel and die. One of the starting points of his fascination with the Arts was learning the cantrip of Prestidigitation. His ability to clean himself and his belongings with a thought was something that brought him such joy and relief that he celebrated for 3 full days.

Rumors have abounded that Viagrus was not a real Dazzleford. His round features and dark hair were a stark contrast to the hawkish pale features and blond hair of his parents and siblings. His aptitude for all things Dazzleford quelled many of those doubts, but there are still many who suspect that he is a bastard son of a powerful lord who was taken in by the Dazzlefords in exchange for favor. The identity of the Lord is a matter of much speculation, but the mere mention of it will get you a punch in the face (probably from some guy that you’ve never met) if Viagrus is within earshot.

Viagrum Dazzleford

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