Ridick Furrian

Halfling Thief


Stats: Athletics = T 7
STR – 14 Indurance = 1
CON – 13 Acrobatics = T 12
DEX – 20 Stealth = T 10
INT – 8 Thievery = T 14
WIS – 10 Arcana = -1
Cha – 10 History = -1
Religion = -1
AC – 17 Dungeoneering = 0
FORT – 12 Heal = 0
REF – 17 Insight = T 5
WILL – 10 Nature = 0
Perception = T 5
HP – 25 Bluff = 0
Healing surge – 7 Diplomacy = 0
INIT – 5 Intimidate = 0
Street wise = 0

Character Background: Of Ridick Furrian (Dan)

As the eldest son of a wealthy merchant, I was groomed from birth to take over the family business. Raised in s sleepy little thorp of Marl in Harkenwold , where my family was treated as if we were nobility. I rebelled against my father and at the age of 13 ran away. To escape taking over the family business, and becoming a merchant like my father. I ran off to Sarthel to hide out and keep my family from finding me. Knowing if I was to be found, I would be forced to return home. Upon arriving in Sarthel I chose the streets in the market district as my new home. I quickly befriended a group of street urchins, who showed me how to survive on the streets. This is where I began to learn the trade of a thief. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I had a talent for thievery. I spent the next year sharpening the skills of my new profession.

Six months before my 15th birthday, I was recruited by the Brotherhood of the bloody coin thieves’ guild. Upon reaching the age of 15, I had established myself as a valued member of the guild through a series of daring and successful robberies. While my reputation with the blade grew among my peers and on the streets of Sarthel I was put in charge of Street Crime in the Trade District. I was over 12 of the youngest members of the guild, ages ranging from 10 to 15 years old. Our usual duties and assignments ranged from pick pocketing, small cons and scams, muggings, and robberies in the open market area. I had much success for 8 months, but grew jealous of my talents being wasted on such small jobs. It was then I gained information from a servant of a wealthy jeweler who had over heard that a large shipment of uncut gem stones was coming in by ship. His master was very nervous because he had invested his entire fortune in this one large shipment. The servant informed me that his master Robert Safarin kept the ships manifest in his safe at his store in the Trade District. My crew and I decided to take a chance on this score of a lifetime. Knowing that time was short, and the shipment was to arrive in two days. My crew and I hastily devised a plan and acted the next night. We successfully broke into the shop and retrieved the ships manifest from the safe. But, then unbeknownst to us, the merchant had paid for extra city watch, and we were discovered exiting the shop. I ordered my boys to flee with the manifest, while I and Victor my second in command held off the watchmen giving vital time for my other boys to escape. Victor was slain and I was wounded and captured. The Lord in charge of my trail was a Halfling by the name of Lord Ballcheese Lightfoot. The guild put up a bribe of 2,000 gp which Lord Ballcheese Lightfoot accepted with a “not guilty verdict”. Unbeknownst to us Robert Safarin had bribed Lord Ballcheese Lightfoot 5,000 gp for a “guilty verdict”. I was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment in the labor camp to finish construction of the noble’s quarter Sarthel. It was during my 5 year imprisonment that I learned of and began worshiping the goddess Avandra. The goddess of wind, change, and fortune. Learning that stealing without a purpose was wrong. That believing in your cause and not just in personal gain, was a path to enlightenment. Listening to the other inmates heightened my distrust of the ruling cast of noble’s, and their ability to make or break a person. It seems that most of my fellow inmates were imprisoned by the whims of one noble or another. With no care of the reasons that drove their subjects to “Crime” or the needs of their people.

My talents with locks gained me the job of Locksmith, installing the superior locks in the new noble’s quarter, strengthening my knowledge of locks and traps. Upon finishing my 5 years sentence now 21. I decided to leave the city with my new found faith, morals, and improved skills. I began a new life for the betterment of myself and the new people/friends I was sure to find. Before leaving the city for good, I could not resist exacting revenge on Lord Ballcheese Lightfoot, by breaking into his estate and stealing his prized war pony named Swift, and enough gold to fund my career as an adventurer. Following the teachings of Avandra, by going where the winds of change send me (insert new city name here).

1. Will not willing surrender to authorities (especially nobility)
1. Returning to prison
2. Being chained or shackled
1. The exploitation of children
2. Corrupt nobility
3. To hinder organized crime (brigands, thief guilds).
The Halfling Lord Ballcheese Lightfoot – who has bounty of 200 gp for my capture.
The Brotherhood of the Bloody Coin
Where I hold the rank of Master Burglar

Ridick Furrian

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