Quinn Chandler


Str 10
Con 11
Dex 20
Int 8
Wis 14
Cha 10

AC 18
Fort 12
Ref 17
Will 13

HP 23(Bloodied @ 11)
Surge Value 5 (Per day 7)

Init 9
Speed 6

passive insight 12
passive perception 17

Main skills:
Acrobatics = 9
Athetics = 4
Dungeoneering = 7
Nature = 7
Perception = 7
Stealth = 11


As a young boy, Quinn Chandler’s village, not to far from Fallcrest, was raided by bandits/slave traders. Him and several other children were taken. Quinn didn’t know this at the time, but his mother was murdered during this raid. His father away on buisness during the raid, only to return and find his wife murdered and only child (Quinn) missing. One of the bandits was captured and beaten to near death, and revealed the location where all those missing were taken. Lord Warden of Markelay of Fallcrest heard news of what happened and set out to the villiage. After he questioned the prisoner, and put him to death, he had his men form up and prepare to rescue those who are missing. Quinn’s father kindly demanded that he go with them to rescue his only remaining family member. So it was aggreed that the fathers and/or brothers may join the rescue. During the resuce, there were many casualties. Quinn’s father amoung them. In the end, all those taken were returned. After freeing poor scared and panicing Quinn from his hood and bonds, Lord Warden had to break the news. With no place to go, Lord Warden felt he had to do something for all those who were orphaned. So Lord Warden took them with him and put them up in some barracks on his compound. He taught them the proper skills needed to survive, and then offered them a place stay and train to one day work for him. Several took his offer, Quinn amoung them.

After a couple years of training as a scout, Quinn was tasked with simple missions for awhile a first. He then was able to assist with harder tasks. News has spread of bandit activity on farmsteads south of Hammerfast. Knowing Quinn would do his best considering his past, Lord Warden of Markelay of Fallcrest ordered Quinn to go and investigate and trail the marauders. Quinn takes any mission that would help him get info or a location of the lead bandit Davril Droverson, for the murder and death of his parents. So far Quinn has not caught up to the bandits, and has found the lack of infromation coming out of Harkenwold a bit alarming.

Quinn Chandler

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