Mikal D'Orlovsky

Human Sentinal (Druid) MISSING


Str:10 HP:28




Mikal Grew up in a remote temple dedicated to Melora. He was raised by the high priest who was the only father he ever knew. However he always found himself alone as Abbot Ferdun was always busy tending to his duties. Mikal grew up Without out many friends, The few he did have would always move away as their families were sent out to do Melora’s work as abbot Ferdun called it. As he grew older he would leave the temple and travel the woods alone for several days. It was during one of his journeys that he came upon his friend ( who he named Snow). Snow is a pure white wolf( which is why he named him Snow).

Several more years past, which Mikal spent with Abbot Ferdun and Snow. He learned more of Melora during this time. It was on his 17 Birthday that abbot Ferdun advised him that his time at the temple was at an end as Mikal had been chosen. It was time for Mikal to travel the wilderness and do melora’s work. The next morning abbot Ferdun presented Mikal with a scimitar and a few other items to help on his journey’s. Mikal with Snow at his side left the temple, The only home he has ever known. As he walked down the hill he looked back and saw the old abbot watching and he wondered would he ever see abbot ferdun again. He prayed that he would see him again. Wondering what melora had in store for him he turned and continued his journey never looking back again.

Mikal has always wondered where he got his last name from, who his parents were. His only family are the Druids of the Nentir Vale including Riethann a druid of Harkenwold and Idara of Hammerfast with whom he has a more intimate relationship. What happened to them, why did they abandon him at the temple.Did he have brothers or sisters.
There is only a few things that will anger him enough to kill harm the abbot or harm his friends.

The one fear Mikal has is simply to be completely alone.

Mikal D'Orlovsky

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