Saddle Sore Irregulars

The Saddle Sore Irregulars are a group of adventurers. ALso known as The Irregulars or SSI, the group last included six members. The group once included Creel Stoneborn as an honorary member while it escorted a then twelve year old Creel from west of Nenlast to Hammerfast. Members included:

  1. Dar Gremath (Fighter)
  2. Korac (Cleric)
  3. Ahbralexx (Dragonborn Paladin of Avandra)
  4. Crowen Litetredder (Ranger)
  5. Sybicart (Mage)
  6. Creel Stoneborn (* Honorary)

Yes, what began as a drinking club among friends turned out to be one of the more successful and famous adventuring groups in the vale. At the height of the groups adventuring not more than a decade ago the group was composed of mostly young brash teenagers looking for the next great adventure around the corner. Current status and whereabouts unknown…

The Irregulars were reinvented during the occupation of Harkenwold by the Iron Circle

New Members

  1. Creel Stoneborn
  2. Ridick Furrian
  3. Viagrum Dazzleford
  4. Mikal D’Orlovsky
  5. Quinn Chandler

Saddle Sore Irregulars

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