Kingdoms Reborn

Adventure Log 5

Ahbralexx was sent to Vor Rukoth to find out if the rumors of Zar-Rel, an exiled Tiefling spellcaster from Hammerfast out for vengeance against his former city, were true. He made contact with Lord Kelevan, of the Consortium, who knew nothing of Zar-Rel but suggested that Ahbralexx wait a day or so for Melby Fairweather to return from a trade venture from Turok-Tol. The rest of the party was celebrating their victory over Redthorn at Stckmere Keep when the head of Dar Grammath was delivered with a message. “Stay out of The Circle of Nine’s business.” The party journeyed to Vor Rukoth to help Ahbralexx with his mission.

They arrived at the Dancing Lizard, a tavern in the mostly tent city called Coyote’s Refuge which was crowded with a variety of beings, just as Ahbralexx was negotiating for the only unoccupied room at the inn/tavern with its owner Terris Halfjaw. Mikal D’Orlovsky spoke briefly with a group of Drawves and Half-Orcs who were sitting together. Ridick went to the tower next door, which he found to be the home of the Coyote who is the “ruler” of Coyote’s Refuge, to ask if he could have sex with a prostitute on the roof but made no headway. Viagrum accompanied a prostitute to her tent only to be accosted by a group of Half-Orc slave traders called the Blackwhip Slavers. The other PC’s noticed some Half-Orc following Viagrum out and gave chase. The party made quick work of the Blackwhips and gained some treasure and a sack of 7 healing pomegranites. They questioned a survivor of the battle and discovered that the Blackwhips trade slaves to a group of dwarves from Turok-Tol, called the Iron Bar clan. The party brought their captive Half-Orc, Drudge, to the Coyote for justice. The Coyote killed him on the spot with a dazzlingly fast stroke of his sword. The Coyote said that he would be at the inn the next night for dinner and that he would like to talk with the PC’s then about hiring them for a mission or 2.

The party went back to the Dancing Lizard and confronted as well as embarrased Terris halfjaw who they believed knew something of the slave traders. Viagrum met Lord Kelevan and now deeply suspects that the man might be his father. Lord Kelevan also had to knock Mikal on his ass to teach him some manners but the party smoothed everything over. Kelevan left but said that he would ask melby fairweather to come to the Dancing Lizard at first light. He also mentioned that he heard of an historical spellcaster by the name of D’Orlovsky who used to live in the Obsidian Spires which are a group of towers in Vor Rukoth. Viagrum talked with Harbris, a Shadar-Kai bounty hunter, who earlier in the evening had been meeting with a Shadar-Kai female and her 2 bodyguards. Harbris left, gathering his Shadow Hounds from outside, on somewhat amicable terms with Viagrum. Mikal approached and spoke with Sora Lighthand, a female Elf Cleric of Corellon, who had been there drinking all evening with 4 human bodyguards. The rest of the party had drinks with 3 Dragonborn, their leader Kira Bloodbane among them. Kira said that they were members of Arkhosia’s Last, a group of elite Dragonborn warriors dedicated to stamping out all remnants and items of the ancient Tiefling empire of Bael-Turath. She also knew that the Circle of Nine is a group of demon worshippers in the area and that one of their ranking members is a male Tiefling called Karzan Halfborn. Kira offered friendship since Viagrum and Ahbralexx convinced her that the PC’s goals appear to align with her own.

Out of left field Mikal D’orlovsky asked Sora Lighthand, a devout cleric, if she wanted to have sex. Amazingly Sora agreed and told Mikal to accompany her to her tent. Mikal left with her and her 4 bodyguards. of course the rest of the party doesn’t know it yet but Mikal died horribly. The PC’s turned in for the night, without searching their underground room, only to be woken up by D’Orlovsky’s wolf as sand poured in from trap doors in the upper walls. Ridick made a thievery ckeck, to open the IBOD, in the last round to get the PC’s out of the room. They decided to lie in wait to see who would come and Terris Halfjaw was the culprit. They killed Terris and searched his room, finding magic items and a journal. The journal talked about Terris being a former Saddle Sore Irregular who was left for dead by the old Irregulars after contracting mummy rot. Terris never forgave them and took his vengeance out on the PC’s who are current Irregulars.

Adventure Log 4
Session 4

After the battle of Albridge the party celebrated the victory with the folks of the Barony of Harkenwold. The morning after the festivities Dar Gramath once again approached the party with another proposition. Nazin Redthorn was hunkered down in Stockmer Keep and with a months long siege the best option would be for a small group to sneak into the castle and liberate the captives including Baron Stockmer as well as take out Redthorn, No Small Task! The Saddle Sore Irregulars were going to make a name for themselves as either martyrs or heroes.
Acting on information from Old Keller the group entered the castle via secret passage and headed straight for the large keep disquised as Iron Circle Soldiers accompanied by an informant. Inside the keep the group battled Redthorn and his personal guard eventually defeating the eemy and liberating the keep.
With Baron Stockmer free and the Iron Circle fleeing Harkenwold the threat was over for now.

Adventure log 3
Session 3

The adventurers finished up the action from last session by breaching the double doors leading to Yisarn‘s laire. The group won a tough battle against Yisarn and his skeletal guardians. Two pit traps and a giant Glimmerweb Spider only added to the difficulty. In the end isarn was vanquished and only the spider escaped the party alive.
After the defeat of Yisarn the group returned to the Woodsinger Elves and and the elven chief Eriyel. Eriyel agreed to send 40 elven bows to the aid of Harkenwold. A halfling messenger then informed the group that the Iron Circle was preparing to march on Dar Gramath and the rest of the rebels at Albridge to crush the rebels once and for all.
The party arrived at Allbridge and within two days had set up a defence including halflings of the Reedfoot Clan, fighters from Tor’s Hold, and anyone from all over the Barony willing to fight.
The Rebels matched the Iron Circle in numbers but the soldiers of the Circle were better armed and trained. In spite of this, the party was able to turn the tide of the battle. In their victory the group defeated Tar Devils and forced [[:Nazin Redthorn]] to flee the battlfield.
Now, after re-grouping and licking their wounds the group must rescue [[:Baron Stockmer]] and defeat Redthorn by invading the Iron Keep.

Adventure Log
session 2

The party had kindled the flames of rebelion by clearing the Toadwallow caverns of Bullywugs thereby freeing a score of strong warriors from Tor’s Hold to join the rebellion. Ahbralexx one of the original members of the Saddle Sore Irregulars presented the party with the recovered Blessed Blades of Avandra including the wand Paur Galad. The group then travelled cross country to intercept an Iron Circle shipment headed for the town of Dardun. The Iron Circle guardians of the wagon proved no match for the party and they recovered a large amount of gold and a magical cloak. The group then continued on to Dardun and in a bold move cleared a Tavern of Iron Circle mercinaries in a matter of seconds!
The group then, acting on a tip, headed to Harken Forest to enlist the aid of the [[:Woodsinger Elves]]. Unfortunatly to gain the trust of the elves the part had to venture to a sanctuary near the ancient ruins of Dal Nystiere. The party activated a teleportation ritual to appear underground in the wizard Yisarn’s lair. The group defeated some goblin emissaries of the Spiderkin Goblins and are poised to open some double doors leading deeper into the hidden lair of the skeletal mage Yisarn.

Adventure Log
Session 1
The advnture began in Hammerfast. The group was relaxing and enjoying the watered down ale of The Foundation Stone. Working at the Stone that night were the bartender Graal and the twin bouncers Krank and Gaff. Besides the party, attending the Stone were Trell the half-elf bard, Korak a dwarf of the trade guild, and Kubosho the current goliath champion of Giants Feet. After Creel lost to Kubosho in a surprisingly close game of Feet, one of Illyanna‘s sons burst into the Stone with news that the farm had been attacked by the Iron Circle. The party had a run in with the Iron Circle about a month early and prevent the mercinaries from burning the farm. THe group decided to leave for Harkenwold with haste and after taking care of Illyana’s sons the set out south. Arriving aat the Druid Grove in Harkenwold the group met with Reithann the druid. The party learned that Harkenwold was occupied by the Iron Circle and Baron Stockmer was being held captive in his own keep in Harken. Reithann suggested the group head southwest to Tor’s Hold and clear out some Bullywugs from the Toadwallow Caverns to free up some fighters for the growing resistance in Albridge. The group cleared out the caverns even recsueing a halfling boy of the Reedfoot Clan and after returning the boy to his family’s keelboat the group headed for Albridge to speak with Dar Gramath the leader of the Harkenwold rebellion. The party arrived in Albridge and secured lodging at Mallard Inn from a forgetful Onneth the owner of the Inn before heading over to Garmath Stables to speak with the rebel leader. Dar told the party that the rebellion was gathering strength but the key to victory was to enrage the Iron Circle leader Nazin Redthorn to the point that he would leave the renamed Iron Keep. If the group could accomplish the task they might e able to eliminate the Iron Circle leader and end the occupation. Dar suggested the party, now taking on the Saddle Sore Irregulars tradition, waylay Iron Circle caravans and generally cause havok in hopes of drawing Redthorn from the Keep.

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