I'ooma En'taure

An elvish scimitar.

weapon (melee)

Level 3 UncommonLuck favors the bold—and the wielder of this blade.

Price: 680 gp
Weapon: Heavy Blade, Light Blade
Enhancement: +1 attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d8 damage

Power (Daily): Free Action. Trigger: You make an attack roll with this weapon and don’t like the result. Effect: Reroll the triggering attack roll and use the second result, even if it’s lower.

Published in Adventurer’s Vault, page(s) 71, Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms, page(s) 348, Dungeon Master’s Kit, page(s) 258.


I’ooma E’Taure in elven “The Voice of the Forest” is an elven semi-sentient scimitar that comforts its wielder on long journeys in the wild. It has even been known to have it’s owner un-sheath itself in times of surprise.

I'ooma En'taure

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