Belldon Stoneborn

Adopted Father of Creel Stoneborn, Priest of Moradin, Member of Hammerfast Council and Craft Guild.


Belldon Stoneborn took in the young (twelve year old) Creel Stoneborn in and raised him as his own. Creel may not remember that the when the adventuring group the Saddle Sore Irregulars they offered a sizable sum of gold to any godly dwarf willing to take on the task of raising the young lad. There were many takers but upon seeing that there was a good chance any “goodly dwarf” aking up the offer was likely to be any “greedy dwarf”, elldon took in the young Creel for little more than a promise that the group woud not return to take the boy “adventuring” before Belldon deemed him ready.
Belldon is a Priest of Moradin, seeing to it that he and the other priests keep the forge in the temple forever hot and constantly in use. Not a minute goes by that the clanging of hammers at the forge is not present lest the temple have to be rebuilt and rededicated.
As of this writing Belldon has told Creel that he is ready to forge his own path in the world.


Belldon Stoneborn

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