Kingdoms Reborn

Between the Lines

Ahbralexx's Jounal

“Ir Clu’at et Enrath” in the tounge of dragons “The Clutch is Dead”. The sight of a clutch of Dragonborn eggs that are no longer fertile is more than just saddening. It is not a loss as when a life is ended, but a loss of all potential that would be or might have been. Such is what Coyote’s Refuge brings to mind. This town has not died like the city that lies less than a mile away. This tent city called Coyote’s Refuge is “Ir Clu’at et Enrath”, still born. It has so much potential but is nothing more than a festering sore full of villainy and Rot. A collection of wretched souls fighting over the scraps the was Vol Rukoth. And there is a good chance it will forever remain that way.
These past four days I have followed the trail of Zel Ral to this place in hopes of ending the Tiefling Sorcerer’s threat to these lands. However, even as I haggled over the price of a room, I was met by the new members of The Saddle Sore Irregulars bearing the gravest of news. Dar Gramath, my mentor and friend was apparently slain by agents of Zel Ral. I have scarcely had time to grieve, but it is in these new Irregulars that Dar Gramath placed his faith, so shall I. Dar Gramath saw to it that the group was armed with the Blessed Blades of My Unwavering Lady. However, tools alone will not allow us to defeat the shadow. For that, we must come together, put aside our petty vices, and remain focused. The last may prove most difficult. Already this past night, with less than an hour in town, each new member of the group ran off in separate directions, ALONE, in pursuit of whores and a drunken priestess. The first incident led to the near abduction of the portly mage Viagrum. I can only hope the young man Mikal fares better with his solo carnal pursuits. If this group thus loses focus every time we come across loose women, we won’t make it past the red light district of any town. The score so far;
Whores 3
Saddle Sore Irregulars 0
At least the former Irregular member Terris Halfjaw strayed from Avandra’s past after being left for dead with Mummy Rot. I fear no more than a half drunken prostitute is required for some current members to fall to a similar fate. If I were to build a fortress to protect against their ilk I would surround it with brothels rather than battlements and it would be neigh impregnable!
Perhaps I am being too judgmental. If I can say anything for the group, they seem capable combatants and appear to follow Avandra’s path. For now I will attempt to retire to bed once more. Earlier tonight we retired to our rooms sans the young man Mikal, and awoke find a sea of sand pouring into our room. Narrowly avoiding suffocation we dealt with the perpetrator Terris Halfjaw and now find ourselves in possession of the inn. In the morrow we will speak with the Coyote and perhaps the inn will remain under SSI ownership, if not under new management. As for Zel Ral, I await the halfling Melby Fairweather’s return to gather more information.



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