Kingdoms Reborn

Adventure Log 9

The PC’s met with Taleen Quirrelle and the Coyote at the Dancing Lizard. Taleen worked out a deal with the Coyote to relieve the PC’s of their debt to him but the party then had to convince her that the Ruby Dragon was too dangerous to sell off. The PC’s now owe Taleen TWO huge favors and she will collect on them. The party went to the Octagon, in Vor Rukoth, and battled guards to gain entrance to the Blood Caves. They found the formula for Bloodroot poison and its antidote. The party killed guards, a Hellfire Cambion, and Zar-Rel. They saw a lycanthrope run off down one corridor and 2 pirates down another. The party got out of the caves and now have a pretty good idea where to find the lycanthropes and the pirates. Now, the important thing is to get the statuette to the church of Avandra so that it can be properly guarded or destroyed.



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