Kingdoms Reborn

Adventure Log 8

The party was asked to retrieve a Ruby Dragon Statuette, the same one the Coyote contracted them out to retrieve, by Taleene Quirelle. They spoke with Taleen about the conflict of interests and she assured them that when they returned the Coyote would be agreeable to other compensation. The PC’s went to the lava falls, discovering a cave out of which the lava flows down into Vor Rukoth. They explored the cave, having two different battles with fire based creatures; all of which seemed to be servants of Achazar. Achazar is a Primordial who, according to legends, was thought to be in Abier. The PC’s discovered historical texts detailing a battle between Avandra, Bahamut and Pelor against Achazar and his Ancient Volcanic Dragon Steed, Barakastearln. The dragon’s essence was imprisoned in the ruby dragon statuette and Achazar was imprisoned in the lava with columns of an unknown material piercing his flesh. Achazar lies in dormant hibernation but the PC’s discovered a way to wake him. Thankfully they were not stupid enough to actually attempt it. The party’s next moves seem to be to ferret out Zar-Rel and then to travel back to Hammerfast to find a priest of Avandra powerful and wise enough to deal with the ruby dragon statuette.



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