Kingdoms Reborn

Adventure Log 7

After resting up from their assault on the lighthouse the party decided to use the bellows/scuba gear to search the underwater area where they had seen Warthrel and the Dwarves of the Rockhide Clan the previous day. In the basement of a bulding, the PC’s found a dias with a set of crystal controls used for altering the water level for several miles. Their arcana check would have let them raise the level but not lower it. They also found a portal, which Viagrum activated, just as an adult black Dragon attacked. The party escaped through the portal only to end up in the top floor of the Tower Of Fire, one of the Obsidian Spires. This room contained 3 other portals but all of their glyphs had been chiseled away, as if someone intentionally did it to prevent the portals activation. The tower’s walls and its central stairwell were ablaze with Whitefire but the party had to retreat to the third level since they were being attacked by a Death Knight and its minions. The PC’s found a hoard of ritual components and a ritual book containing Whitefire (12th level caster). They also found a wizards journal that spoke of the falling of the weave and the last days of Vor Rukoth. Apparently a wizard in this tower conured Whitefire as the tower was being overrun and it’s possible that the falling of the weave altered its magic to make the spell permanent. the wizard also mentioned that several of his students were trapped on the second floor due to the faltering and unpredictable magic.

They went to the second level, defeated more undead, and found silverware and 3 paintings of ancient Bael-Turathi kings. There were portals here as well, probably leading to extradimensional, rooms but their magic failed during the falling of the weave. The first floor contained quality wizard garments and some mundane gear. The PC’s left the tower and started to head back to Coyote’s Refuge but were ambushed by Harbris and his Shadow Hounds. They were able to capture Harbris and discover that he was hired by Zar-Rel and the Orium Circle. He told the PC’s that the entrance to the Circle’s base is in a building in the Octagon, which leads to a cave network called the Blood Caves. The party took 2,500 gp’s worth of gems from Harbris, which was his payment for assasinating them, and they brought him to the Coyote. The Halfling Coyote displayed disturbing strength as he picked up Harbris and flung him across the room. His guards took Harbris to a basement level as a prisoner. The Coyote then asked the party if they would retrieve a ruby dragon statuette from a cave behind the lava falls. The party has 3 days to bring the statuette back. He gave them 2 scrolls of climbing and a scroll of endure elements. He is also having his assistant, Myla, enchant Avandra’s items to a +2. They will be ready the next morning. It is now late afternoon and the PC’s are short healing surges and daily powers. Perhaps some role playing, chatting with different factions in the Refuge, and sleep will be in order to begin next game night.



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