Kingdoms Reborn

Adventure Log 6

Ahbralexx started out dominated, which the PC’s reasoned out a bit later. He left the Dancing Lizard just before daybreak and just as Peter (Jimmy) and Quinn (Kyle, Sean) were arriving. The party subdued him. Melby Fairweather got the leader of the White Lantern Consortium, Taleen Quirrelle, to break the enchantment. The PC’s now owe her a favor. They discovered that the pomegranites came from a woman named Mara who supposedly lives in the Infernal Fens and that their magic was inherently imbued from the tree from which they were grown. Viagrum and Peter had breakfast with the Coyote in his tower. They PC’s then looked for Sora Lighthand’s tent in search of Alain but the tent was packed up and gone. After questioning locals and discovering tracks they went to the lighthouse via Vor Rukoth in search of him. On the way the came upon Kira Bloodbane and other Dragonborn searching for a sword called Fiendcutter. The Shadar-Kai, Shala the Shadow, and her companions ran out of a building being chased by demons. The 3 factions defeated the demons and gained a mutual level of respect for each other. The party did not however, find out what Shala the Shadow was looking for or for that matter search the building to find out where all of the demons came from.

The PC’s continued on towards the Lost District and the lighthouse. On the way they saw the outskirts of the Infernal Fins, the tops of the Obsidian Spires, and a great flow of lava pouring down from the cliffs and disappearing into a section of the city known as the Nightmare Forges. The party reached the Lost District and had to take a row boat 500 feet to the stairs to the lighthouse. While in the boat they met a dwarf named Walthrel and his companions from the Rockhide clan of Turok-Tol. They had a makeshift SCUBA apparatus with a bellows and hoses. it appeared as though another dwarf was underwater searching for something. Two Black Dragons attacked and were defeated but the dwarves didn’t survive. of course the PC’s confiscated their SCUBA device. They then camped out for the night in the second floor of an old blacksmith shop but not before searching the ground floor using the SCUBA gear and discovering a magic item resting in its watery tomb.

The party saw two pirate ships while climbing the stairs to the tower. The PC’s assaulted the tower, killing its inhabitants in two glorious battles and defeated a ghost who was guarding an Astral diamond. The diamond was used in the past as the lighthouse’s beacon. The PC’s discovered treasure, magic items, 50 gp’s each of mundane equipment and a journal. They also found the disembowled and dismembered body of Alain, who was apparently used in a ritual sacrifice to Asmodeus. The journal detailed the cirle of Nine as a group of nine cells, each representing the nine hells. The cell in Vor Rukoth is called the Orium Circle, with Zar-Rel listed as its leader and the Iron Circle was another. The journal lists names of leaders, key members, and the cities in which the groups operate. It could be very valuable in the right hands.

The PC’s did unfortunately, miss their meeting with the Coyote but they should be able to reconcile that slight to him.



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