Kingdoms Reborn

Adventure Log 4

Session 4

After the battle of Albridge the party celebrated the victory with the folks of the Barony of Harkenwold. The morning after the festivities Dar Gramath once again approached the party with another proposition. Nazin Redthorn was hunkered down in Stockmer Keep and with a months long siege the best option would be for a small group to sneak into the castle and liberate the captives including Baron Stockmer as well as take out Redthorn, No Small Task! The Saddle Sore Irregulars were going to make a name for themselves as either martyrs or heroes.
Acting on information from Old Keller the group entered the castle via secret passage and headed straight for the large keep disquised as Iron Circle Soldiers accompanied by an informant. Inside the keep the group battled Redthorn and his personal guard eventually defeating the eemy and liberating the keep.
With Baron Stockmer free and the Iron Circle fleeing Harkenwold the threat was over for now.



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