Kingdoms Reborn

Adventure log 3

Session 3

The adventurers finished up the action from last session by breaching the double doors leading to Yisarn‘s laire. The group won a tough battle against Yisarn and his skeletal guardians. Two pit traps and a giant Glimmerweb Spider only added to the difficulty. In the end isarn was vanquished and only the spider escaped the party alive.
After the defeat of Yisarn the group returned to the Woodsinger Elves and and the elven chief Eriyel. Eriyel agreed to send 40 elven bows to the aid of Harkenwold. A halfling messenger then informed the group that the Iron Circle was preparing to march on Dar Gramath and the rest of the rebels at Albridge to crush the rebels once and for all.
The party arrived at Allbridge and within two days had set up a defence including halflings of the Reedfoot Clan, fighters from Tor’s Hold, and anyone from all over the Barony willing to fight.
The Rebels matched the Iron Circle in numbers but the soldiers of the Circle were better armed and trained. In spite of this, the party was able to turn the tide of the battle. In their victory the group defeated Tar Devils and forced [[:Nazin Redthorn]] to flee the battlfield.
Now, after re-grouping and licking their wounds the group must rescue [[:Baron Stockmer]] and defeat Redthorn by invading the Iron Keep.



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