Kingdoms Reborn

Adventure Log

session 2

The party had kindled the flames of rebelion by clearing the Toadwallow caverns of Bullywugs thereby freeing a score of strong warriors from Tor’s Hold to join the rebellion. Ahbralexx one of the original members of the Saddle Sore Irregulars presented the party with the recovered Blessed Blades of Avandra including the wand Paur Galad. The group then travelled cross country to intercept an Iron Circle shipment headed for the town of Dardun. The Iron Circle guardians of the wagon proved no match for the party and they recovered a large amount of gold and a magical cloak. The group then continued on to Dardun and in a bold move cleared a Tavern of Iron Circle mercinaries in a matter of seconds!
The group then, acting on a tip, headed to Harken Forest to enlist the aid of the [[:Woodsinger Elves]]. Unfortunatly to gain the trust of the elves the part had to venture to a sanctuary near the ancient ruins of Dal Nystiere. The party activated a teleportation ritual to appear underground in the wizard Yisarn’s lair. The group defeated some goblin emissaries of the Spiderkin Goblins and are poised to open some double doors leading deeper into the hidden lair of the skeletal mage Yisarn.



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