Kingdoms Reborn

Adventure Log

Session 1

The advnture began in Hammerfast. The group was relaxing and enjoying the watered down ale of The Foundation Stone. Working at the Stone that night were the bartender Graal and the twin bouncers Krank and Gaff. Besides the party, attending the Stone were Trell the half-elf bard, Korak a dwarf of the trade guild, and Kubosho the current goliath champion of Giants Feet. After Creel lost to Kubosho in a surprisingly close game of Feet, one of Illyanna‘s sons burst into the Stone with news that the farm had been attacked by the Iron Circle. The party had a run in with the Iron Circle about a month early and prevent the mercinaries from burning the farm. THe group decided to leave for Harkenwold with haste and after taking care of Illyana’s sons the set out south. Arriving aat the Druid Grove in Harkenwold the group met with Reithann the druid. The party learned that Harkenwold was occupied by the Iron Circle and Baron Stockmer was being held captive in his own keep in Harken. Reithann suggested the group head southwest to Tor’s Hold and clear out some Bullywugs from the Toadwallow Caverns to free up some fighters for the growing resistance in Albridge. The group cleared out the caverns even recsueing a halfling boy of the Reedfoot Clan and after returning the boy to his family’s keelboat the group headed for Albridge to speak with Dar Gramath the leader of the Harkenwold rebellion. The party arrived in Albridge and secured lodging at Mallard Inn from a forgetful Onneth the owner of the Inn before heading over to Garmath Stables to speak with the rebel leader. Dar told the party that the rebellion was gathering strength but the key to victory was to enrage the Iron Circle leader Nazin Redthorn to the point that he would leave the renamed Iron Keep. If the group could accomplish the task they might e able to eliminate the Iron Circle leader and end the occupation. Dar suggested the party, now taking on the Saddle Sore Irregulars tradition, waylay Iron Circle caravans and generally cause havok in hopes of drawing Redthorn from the Keep.



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